MouthFist Episode 6 - Part 2

mfp-logo-smEpisode 6 - Part 2: ...And A Dollar Short
Length: 44:42

Completing last episode's tangent-filled exploration of video games, Ryan and Steve cover a variety of films in part 2 of Episode 6.

Jumping directly into the action, they discuss Stake Land, Prometheus, and (of course) many other topics, leading to the shortest-ever episode (as long as you don't consider the fact that it's the second half of what may be our longest episode in total).

MouthFist Episode 6 - Part 1

mfp-logo-smEpisode 6 - Part 1: A Day Late...
Length: 1:09:56

Despite setting themselves only three topics to discuss, Ryan and Steve somehow managed to talk for nearly two hours. Sure, it was mainly rambling bullshit and Ryan could have edited it down into yet another over-long episode, but Steve's inability to make a decent segue or wrap up a topic in such a way that any portion could be edited out smoothly gave little room to edit without turning the entire episode into a choppy mess. (Also, it'd be a lot of work. Though Ryan would have enjoyed cutting the same listener question from the podcast two weeks in a row.)

Following the path of least resistence, Ryan bought himself a week by splitting this gem into a two-parter. In this somewhat-delayed first half, the topics of Mass Effect 3, Wasteland 2, and attitudes of entitlement in gaming are broached, as well as a non-topic regarding the issue of the Steampunk genre, and quite a bit more video-game-related fare.

MouthFist Episode 5

mfp-logo-smEpisode 5: A Very Special MouthFist Telethon
Length: 1:27:07

In a shocking development, Ryan and Steve manage to run long on yet another episode, though this one is both funny and intelligent! (Believe it or not!)

This week's topic seems to be digital pricing structures, particularly where print vs. PDF books are concerned. A relevant topic to most consumers and not just some retarded, rambling nerdy bullshit? I don't know how it got in there either.

But don't fear, listeners... Ryan and Steve still manage to insult and degrade a fair amount of people, while saying things that would get them the death penalty in several lesser foreign countries. Steve asks for your pledge dollars and Ryan tries to talk you out of it, amidst an hour-long discussion about the present and future of digital product pricing.

MouthFist Episode 4

mfp-logo-smEpisode 4: Let Us Never Speak Of Hellraiser Again
Length: 1:43:03

Were you saying to yourself that last week's episode was far too short and enjoyable for your liking? Well, we have a treat in store for you, gentle listener. This week, the MouthFist Podcast delves into a single subject: Hellraiser. Beginning with Clive Barker's The Hellbound Heart and working our way through nine films and two comic series, we run the gamut for your listening "entertainment".

Casting aspersions on Clive Barker and mulling over the merits of child pornography when you might run for public office, Ryan and Steve manage to fill nearly two hours with not-nearly-funny-enough bickering over how good some stupid comic books are.

This may be the MouthFist Podcast that makes me never want to do another MouthFist Podcast!

MouthFist Episode 3

mfp-logo-smEpisode 3: The Bully Pulpit
Length: 1:33:28

In this "epic" installment, Ryan and Steve go on for far too long, delivering you (yet again) their longest podcast to date. Sure, you could go see a movie in the time it'd take you to listen to this, but why not waste your time utterly?

This week, Ryan and Steve belittle an endless supply of people, many of them listeners of the show. They make the poor decision of taking questions and comments from the Peanut Gallery on Facebook and end up with a shit-show of epic proportions. Marvel as idiotic comments are barely fielded with irritated responses. Then enjoy long-winded rants and meandering asides covering everything from music to film to comics to irritated, swollen eyelids. Soak in your well-deserved chastisement for never bothering to leave a fucking comment.

Please excuse any pops or other glitchy noises during the podcast, as the normalization process has started intensifying what were previously fairly seamless edits. In the future, we will try not to record podcasts that are so long that A) I have to edit out as much as possible and B) are too long for normal people to listen to.