mfp-logo-smEpisode 3: The Bully Pulpit
Length: 1:33:28

In this "epic" installment, Ryan and Steve go on for far too long, delivering you (yet again) their longest podcast to date. Sure, you could go see a movie in the time it'd take you to listen to this, but why not waste your time utterly?

This week, Ryan and Steve belittle an endless supply of people, many of them listeners of the show. They make the poor decision of taking questions and comments from the Peanut Gallery on Facebook and end up with a shit-show of epic proportions. Marvel as idiotic comments are barely fielded with irritated responses. Then enjoy long-winded rants and meandering asides covering everything from music to film to comics to irritated, swollen eyelids. Soak in your well-deserved chastisement for never bothering to leave a fucking comment.

Please excuse any pops or other glitchy noises during the podcast, as the normalization process has started intensifying what were previously fairly seamless edits. In the future, we will try not to record podcasts that are so long that A) I have to edit out as much as possible and B) are too long for normal people to listen to.


The non-liars who are actually listening to the MediaGauntlet Presents MouthFist Podcast Inc. will receive a taste of the following:

...And cancer for all the good boys and girls!

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Yet a further warning: This podcast is not safe for children or adults. Do not expose pregnant woman to this podcast. Maybe just don't listen to it at all. I mean, there's horse rape and a lot of cancer.

You can find Steve at Diary Of A Grognerd and Ryan at, as per usual.

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