mfp-logo-smEpisode 5: A Very Special MouthFist Telethon
Length: 1:27:07

In a shocking development, Ryan and Steve manage to run long on yet another episode, though this one is both funny and intelligent! (Believe it or not!)

This week's topic seems to be digital pricing structures, particularly where print vs. PDF books are concerned. A relevant topic to most consumers and not just some retarded, rambling nerdy bullshit? I don't know how it got in there either.

But don't fear, listeners... Ryan and Steve still manage to insult and degrade a fair amount of people, while saying things that would get them the death penalty in several lesser foreign countries. Steve asks for your pledge dollars and Ryan tries to talk you out of it, amidst an hour-long discussion about the present and future of digital product pricing.


Good Time Charlies willing to spend the hour and a half will hear about the following life-riot-inducing topics of interest:

...and more uses of the term "PDF" than you could possibly count!

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Yet a further warning: This podcast is not safe for children, adults, or Clive Barker. Do not expose pregnant woman to this podcast. Maybe just don't listen to it at all. I mean, there's horse rape and a lot of cancer and internet panhandling.

You can find Steve at Diary Of A Grognerd and Ryan at, as per usual.

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