mfp-logo-smEpisode 1: This One Is Worse
Length: 1:06:34

Following in the exciting trend of last episode's bad audio, Ryan and Steve manage to botch another recording, leaving Ryan's half surprisingly poor and prone to sputtering out when Steve tries to talk over him (which is constant).

Steve is somewhat ill and mentally unfocused and Ryan is tired, leading to a much more serious, less collected, and much more rambling podcast, mostly focusing on Thulu!, an adventure for the Pathfinder system, and an overview on roleplaying in general, focusing heavily on our scattered thoughts about Dungeons & Dragons through its various editions.

Due to the original recording taking nearly two hours and half an hour of stammering, going on tagents, and plenty of technical issues having to have been excised at great personal strain to Ryan, the originally-planned topic of the Caligula comic has to be pushed off to our next (much shorter and more focused) episode, to be followed by a full episode of rambling nonsense about Hellraiser in its various forms.

For those who are deeply interested in two idiots' thoughts on roleplaying games, you'll get to hear about the following:

...All this and more! (Though fortunately 30 minutes less than you could have heard if Ryan hadn't spent 7 hours editing down this piece of shit.)

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Another warning: This podcast is not safe for children or adults. Do not expose pregnant woman to this podcast. Maybe just don't listen to it at all.

You can find Steve at Diary Of A Grognerd and Ryan at, as per usual.

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