mfp-logo-smEpisode 0: Fudginating With Hitler
Length: 59:54

Ryan and Steve set out on an exciting new adventure, only 4 to 5 years after they originally planned on doing it.

In this badly-made premiere episode, Ryan and Steve test their capabilities to record and find themselves wanting. As such, audio quality is suspect and there are the occassional glitches and blasts of noise that the listener must ignore, if they actually want to listen to this crap. Instead of forcing themselves to re-record the entire episode, Ryan and Steve did their best to clean up and edit the audio for release as very special "Episode 0" to give listeners an idea of what to expect in the future (with better sound) and to save themselves from having to do anymore work.


Those who can get past the poor sound quality will find an hour of vulgar ranting about movies; this episode contains:

...And fun static hisses and bad audio throughout!

mp3-4 MouthFist Episode 0


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Warning: This podcast is not safe for children or adults. Do not expose pregnant woman to this podcast.

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