The Black Company Campaign Setting

rating-5.0blackcompanyPublisher: Green Ronin Publishing

What can I say? I love Glen Cook's Black Company books. They're fast-paced, gritty and rather fun... in a black/gallows humour sorta way. Green Ronin provides us a d20 fantasy setting that has no gods, no clerics with fancy powers, a magic system that regular fantasy folks are too pansy for and a world more deadly than most... with no monster races. That's right! Man is your friend and foe. Nasty. There's a whole lotta background information, buut not too much which allows anyone to come in and play, but doesn't spoil anything for readers. Some complain that perhaps there wasn't enough world data, but I think that's because nothing new has been provided by Cook (yet) in the books. But, hey, quit yer whining, I say... at least you get a map! New character classes, too... All in all, a fine addition to anyone's collection. A great campaign world, or use the tweeked rules for a grim dark fantasy land of your own creation!