Lord Of The Rings Miniature Battle Game

rating-2.5lotr-starterDesigner: Sabertooth Games

I got this a couple or something years back. I played it a few times... It's not that great. No wonder Sabertooth abandoned it (I can only assume that, as there's, like , no support). It reminds me of Heroclix, as the figures have their "clickable" stats in their respective bases (as in you keep track of wounds, etc, by clicking a tab on their base). Does that make sense? Well, who cares. I found it to be awaste of money. But the map sheets and figs ain't too bad, and I've found uses for them. The game itself seemed like it had potential, but it lacked that one thing... oh, yeah: excitement.

There's really nothing all that compelling about it. Waste your money on stuff like Heroscape and Heroclix instead. Still, points for trying. And it isn't that bad.