MouthFist Episode 7

mfp-logo-smEpisode 7: Our Bodies, Ourselves
Length: 1:15:02

After an unintentional hiatus, Ryan and Steve are back for a special mid-week release of the latest in MouthFist-ing, deciding for whatever reason to once again attempt a "listener" question.

Queried about the current somewhat-gross state of modern pornography, Ryan is forced to explain violent throat-fucking blowjobs to Steve. Snowball becomes avalanche as the topic takes over much of the podcast, in what some would undoubtedly call "Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Sex And Would Never Have Asked". Ryan and Steve pour out more than enough personal sexual details to make their listeners feel ill.

Having wasted more than enough time on the very non-media-related topic, they switch to covering the latest Warhammer 40,000 RPG, Only War, as well as their thoughts on this week's movie releases.


Those who brought protection will be regaled with the following subjects:

...and enough sexual grotesqueries to make you want to never listen again!

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Still a warning: This podcast is not safe for children, adults, or Clive Barker. Do not expose pregnant woman or Ridley Scott to this podcast. Maybe just don't listen to it at all. I mean, there's horse rape and throat-fucking and a lot of cancer and internet panhandling and it will spoil the Mass Effect games for you.

You can find Steve at Diary Of A Grognerd and Ryan at, as per usual.

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