About Ratings

If you haven't noticed the review rating system already, you probably haven't been reading the articles.

The ratings system works roughly as follows, ranging from 1/2 gauntlet to 5 gauntlets:

  • One Half / One Gauntlet: Bad beyond imagining; without any talent, aptitude or merit.
  • One And A Half / Two Gauntlets: Of mediocre quality; possessing some passing ability or merit without aspiring to new or interesting ideas.
  • Two And A Half / Three Gauntlets: Of moderate ability; average to passable; possessing some invention or new ideas that seperate it from completely mediocre material, though standing below "good."
  • Three And A Half / Four Gauntlets: Of good or high quality; featuring talent and excellent vision.
  • Four And A Half / Five Gauntlets: Excellent; amazingly enjoyable or near-perfect (if not perfect) in execution.

Some day we might change the rating system to something more interesting.