deer_womanrating-4.5"Deer Woman", John Landis' entry into the "Masters Of Horror" series, is where things really started to pick up, however briefly.

"Deer Woman" isn't probably great in the sense that most horror fans would appreciate, as they seem to deride it as stupid and revel in nothing but gore- and blood-soaked massacres with plots resembling nothing but an episode of "Cold Case Files". They desire no art, no heart, and no soul to their entertainment, only buckets of viscera and cringeworthy effects. Anything else, to them, is unnecessary set dressing and serves no purpose to a "true" horror fan.

I beg to differ. That kind of retarded, assfaced thinking is typical of the grunting, stupid horror elite, IQ's barely higher than their shoe size, more interested in masturbating to than seeing or having made any form of higher, more intelligent entertainment under the "horror" umbrella. Anything that is not some half-assed imbecilic Italian horror shlock is obviously inferior.

Given that, "Deer Woman" is a perfect balance of horror and comedy, combining the better parts of Landis' American Werewolf In London with Landis' comedy direction. Brian Benben, long unseen since HBO's "Dream On", provides a really excellent comedic performance as a burnt-out, embittered cop, trying to solve a series of brutal murders, comitted by inhuman hands. Anthony Griffith plays a cop who gets him involved with the case as he tracks down the beautiful Native American woman behind the carnage, Cinthia Moura (who I wouldn't mind seeing in absolutely anything, even if she doesn't speak).

To tell much more would give away the few secrets within, but the ride here is well-worth taking and this stands as the only "Masters" episode to successfully crossbreed horror and comedy, especially in hilarious dream sequences (reminiscent again of "Dream On").

This will not please all the gore-hounds looking for a Miike massacre or a Fulchi bloodbath, but it is one of the few episodes that transcends the series and actually arrives at some part of what the experiment promised.

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