dreamswitchhouserating-2.5Welll, there's good news and bad news, dear readers... The good news is that the second episode of "Masters Of Horror" was one of the better Lovecraft adaptations. The bad news is that it's another bland and not-particularly-good Lovecraft adaptation.

True enough, Dagon was enjoyable enough, without really capturing any part of the Lovecraft "Deep Ones" stories to any great degree, but doing an admirable job of capturing some fo the atmosphere of the tales, though tweaking it up with a certain kitschy and Sci-Fi Channel-like sheen of silly low-budget-tude. Others are very fond of Re-Animator, but I found that movie to be an annoying waste of time, focused more on providing yet another plot point by having the wretched cunt girlfriend cause more trouble. When your plot is based entirely around some bitch that we're supposed to believe another character likes causing as much pain and discomfort to everyone as humanly possible with her idiotic, whining decisions, then perhaprs you shouldn't make that movie at all...

But "Dreams In The Witch House" restrained a bit of those annoying points and tried to rein in the kitsch by updating the story and trying to actually manifest Lovecraft's "impossible angles" and dream geometry visually. To a certain degree, the points of the story are accomplished, but with no great flair by anyone involved.

The plot was thin, but at least it was servicable as a Lovecraft adaptation. It didn't stab me in the eye and that's saying something. But it definitely did nothing to raise "Masters Of Horror" above the level of "Tales From The Darkside".

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