Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition

whfrp2rating-4.0Publisher: Black Industries (BL Publishing, Games Workshop)
Designer: Green Ronin Publishing

"A Grim World of Perilous Adventure" or "No, I can't advance to that carreer until I have rope, dammit"

My first version of this review was very, very long. Too long. Not a nut-shell review. I also didn't review this based on "fun" initially. Bad Steve!

Anyhow, here's the short of it: This game is deeply flawed in it's mechanics. It doesn't do it's own d10 only system very well. It seems like a rehash of first edition, which was also very flawed (but very fun). Lot of important rules are missing or really hard to find, and I'm a research whiz (who needs rules on shields anyways?). When I GM this game, I have to come up with a lot of house rules on the fly. There is like a page's worth of play-testers listed... I ask: do these people really exist and just how much were they listened to? Damn this book is hard to find shit in. It could have been more indepth. Also, some of the rules seem arbitrary... like the trappings rules for carreer advancements and such (see above actual in-game, from last session, quote).

However: It's is one of the most beautiful rulebooks I have EVER seen. It is very ambitious. Of what is written, it IS written very well. This is still a quality work regardless of my complaints. The book makes you feel like you are THERE (in other words, there is a high immersion value). This game is very, very fun.

In the end, this game is NOT for starter players and GMs... At least, not until they come out with a revised edition. Also, with the exception of the very sad and sordid GM's Pack, all of the supplementary material I have seen is top-notch (what I would expect of the Mighty Awesome Green Ronin).

Still I have to say that since WFRP and Warhammery stuff in general are some of my favourite things ever, even I was a bit let down by this game in spots.