team_americarating-0.5This movie is fucking retarded.

Some might expect that or prefer it, but this movie wastes all its comedy on incompetence.

What seems initially to be a movie that knows how to handle American imperialism with irony and a deadpan sense of humor eventually shows its true colors as another one of Trey Parker's projects cursed to spastic incompetence. It could be gleefully dumb if it weren't trying to beat you over the head with its own pseudo-Republican agenda of bashing actors for having political opinions. You know, just like they're doing with pretty much this entire film. But, on the other hand, your average actor actually knows more about politics than Trey Parker does and has more to say than making crass shit jokes while badmouthing smarter people who bother to actually learn things instead of spending all their time pickling their fucktarded brains. Yes, Trey... All actors are "fags" who just "read the paper and then repeat it on air", unlike you, who doesn't bother to read. Pundits that toe the line, study nothing, and care about nothing more than their side's position are trained professionals and actors who have opinions should be mocked and chided for having those opinions and daring to mention them publically. Because anyone who you've heard of before obviously has no right to say anything about their own country's politics... Well, probably just the ones that disagree with you, you snivelling cunt.

Its few moments of comedy consist of the typical "South Park"-ian songs that Trey Parker parodies and crafts so well, as well as the usual use of profanity to humorous effect.

But the heart of this movie is the inane political satire that ham-fistedly misses every reasonable point or logical conclusion to spout their typical brand of half-retarded, juvenile, uneducated moralizing that serves no one but their audience of stupid uneducated douchebag racist 14-year-olds.

Whatever humor there is (and there was humor in there) is pissed all over by their attempts to be clever (which they aren't).

The best thing possible would be for me to set Trey Parker's smug idiotic face on fire and fuck the ashes.

Whatever credit South Park's better times, Cannibal!, Orgazmo, and Baseketball may have earned in their earnest comedic dumbness has been burned the fuck up by this monstrosity of dumbfuck idiocy.

If you enjoy this type of shit, please see to it that you euthanize your ugly children and facefuck yourself with a clip full of bullets.

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