Shaun Of The Dead #1

shaun-01Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writing: Chris Rydall (adaptation)
Art: Zach Howard; Thompson Knox (colours); Robbie Robbins (letters).
Cover Art: Jason Brashill

Based on the motion picture screenplay by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

It's the Shaun of the Dead movie turned into a comic book. A direct adaptation. Maybe some tiny changes here and there, but I really didn't notice. Great art that is more impressionist than photo-realistic and the movie's snappy wit still bleeds through in the writing. Probably one of the best film-to-comic thingies I've ever seen. If you are a Shaun of the Dead fan, buy this. Of course, you will get nothing new... but hey, it's still a great comic. Still, because it offers nothing that new (but there are some funny write-ups in the back), it loses some "oomph". Sorry.