Fables #1 (Speical Edition)

rating-4.5fables-se-01Publisher: Vertigo
Writing: Bill Willingham
Art: Lan Medina; Steve Leialoha (inking); Sherilyn van Valkenburgh (colours); Todd Klein (letters).

Paula at the local shop, Spy Comics, recommended I pick up this 25 cent promotional reprint of Fables #1 and I'm really happy she did. I -just- finished reading it, and man, it rocks hard. I cannot believe that I have been so lame as to not ever check this out before. The premise is that all these characters from fairytales have sought refuge in New York City from someone called The Adversary. There they've set up an underground community called Fabletown. The gangs all there, too. I really like the way this book is written! Pure awesome. I especially adore Snow White. What a bitch. The Big Bad Wolf is the sheriff and he's runs around looking like a human (thanks to magic). I could go on, but I'd be here for awhile. Point is, it's a well thought out and constructed backdrop with great characters who all have interesting personalities and excellent dialouge. The first issue goes right into a cool mystery, too. I totally recommend this and consider it a crime not to at least give the 25 cent (!) installment a chance.