MouthFist Episode 11

mfp-logo-smEpisode 11: The Lost Episode
Length: 1:14:48

Originally recorded June 20th, 2013, this particular episode was mothballed due to sound issues (on Steve's end) and intense laziness when faced with having to spend time fixing them (on Ryan's end). Finally having gotten around to barely bothering to edit it before one of them ends up dying, the finished product is provided for your undesired listening.

In this episode, Ryan and Steve rag hard on comic writers, Superman, D.C. Comics, and Prometheus, as well as give their thoughts on Dredd , "Game Of Thrones" vs. A Song Of Ice And Fire, and the requisite talk about Warhammer. (And, of course, there's a deluge of fucking spoilers. Be warned.)

No one's exactly clamoring for more and Steve's schedule and health keep the show from being regularly recorded, so this one-year-later podcast might be the final outing of MouthFist... Or will it?



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Yet still a warning: This podcast is not safe for children, adults, Clive Barker, or Amanda Palmer. Do not expose pregnant woman or Ridley Scott to this podcast. Maybe just don't listen to it at all, like Scott Speedman. I mean, there's horse rape and throat-fucking and a lot of cancer and internet panhandling and Canadian television and a murderous Lois Lane and it will spoil the Mass Effect games for you.

You can find Steve at and Ryan at, as per usual.

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