Looks like another long installment of My Stack. Yeek... I think I'm going to make shorter versions in the future. More audiocasts with less content. What do you think? This would save you from sitting down and listening to loooong 'casts on here. I mean, they would add up... but would be piece-meal... and you can skip things you don't want to listen about and stuff. Yeah... stuff.

mp3-2 My Stack Audio Blog #2


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The following things are covered in no particular order...

Comics that I read and give mini-off-the-cuff-reviews of: Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears #1, Impaler #3, Punisher MAX #44, Ghost Rider #94 "Finale", Sea of Red TPB Vol. III: The Deadlights, Knights of the Dinner Table #122, Red Sonja #19, Nightwolf: The Price #3, The Night Club #4, PvP #31, The Lone Ranger #4, The Walking Dead #34

Comics that I preview for future review: A whole bunch of Approbation Comics titles, Borderline, ForeShadow: Full Speed OGN, G.I. Joe America's Elite #19, Pirates of Coney Island #4, Truth Justin and the American Way #5, Elephantmen split issue

Special mention: Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil #1

(All links lead to the title's respective publishers... links to the next best thing, even a review, are used if there's no publisher or appropriate website.)