Now With More Blood Of Christ

Greetings bold readers! I offer you some of my thoughts on the items of sequential art tales I'm reading as of late. So sit back and enjoy some reviews, please.

This time around we have dragons, Cloned Jesus, crazy cape-wearing jerks, brutal thugs, Death and the wild West, and the new New Warriors...

Here we go!


sidekick5Sidekick #5

Do you read The Boys? How about Battle Pope? Do you ever wish there was a comic that kinda fell in-between, without all the religious clap-trap? How about you throw in some classic Tick, Kids in the Hall and maybe even some Benny Hill or something along those lines? Sidekick may be what you are looking for. This issue wraps up a 5 issue series about a super-hero sidekick who holds down multiple jobs (as a sidekick for various heroes who just happen to be douchebags) and pretty much makes all the supes look like total assholes. It's all extremely over-the-top and slapstick and SO not for the children. The jokes are think you could sustain yourself on them for weeks... as they are full of stuff and are incredibly "hammy". It's not for everyone. There's nothing subtle about this book. It's rude, lewd and crass... and I do enjoy it so. It's not brilliant by any strecth, but it isn't bad either. It's quite good for what it is, actually. Massive bonus points to creator Paul Jenkins for using the name "Mantelope".

3.75/5 (Ha! Mantelope!!)

loadedbible2Loaded Bible 2: Blood of Christ

Ah, Loaded Bible. How I loved you. You were both funny and serious... Seriously funny, as it were. I am so happy there's a sequel... And Loaded Bible 2 was worth the wait, let me tell you. Now, the first one was really good, but it had some flaws that made it kinda "eh" in parts... at least from what I can remember. However, this post-apocalyptic tale involving a cloned messianic figure and vampires really hits the nails into the cross. There better be a follow-up soon, because I really do think this is some great writing work by Tim Seeley. The art is great, too. My only complaint is that everything feels a bit crammed... I wish it could be longer.

4/5 (Cloned body of Christ FTW)

TheBoys7The Boys #7

The Boys are back. Or so says EVERYBODY in some variation thereof. Ugh. I suppose it's cute or something...
Anyway, the issue that starts out this Ennis/Robertson project at Dynamite is everything I was waiting for. Sure, it's a build-up issue since it's a new storyarc and all... But what a build-up issue. Trust me when I say that you'll never look at chinchillas the same way ever again. New characters are introduced, as well as a comic shop that will scare the pants off of you. Literally.
This is one of my favourite comics, so make no mistake that I'm a wee bit biased. The characters are as deeply flawed and deeply amusing as ever; I hope it never stops. I just hope we don't have to wait 5 more issues until a really awesome fight-scene. People love to bash this comic for all sorts of reasons; most of the reasons are lame and basically point out that said people shouldn't be reading The Boys.


dragonlancewinternight4Dragonlance Chronicles: Dragons of Winter Night #4

Devil's Due is doing comics based on D&D properties, it seems, and they are doing a fine, fine job. This issue deals with the final part of the Dragonlance book Dragons of Winter Night (which is second in the original series). Close your eyes for a second if you don't want spoilers... Okay, for the rest of you reading, this is the one where Sturm dies. Man, this death of a character I love is handled very nicely in few panels and pages. The whole issue reads like an excellently condensed adaptation of the Dragonlance book that pissed off readers everywhere (with the death of Sturm). The art is very fitting, too, and really goes a long way to set the mood. If you love fantasy and/or Dragonlance, your geeky spirit will thank you immensly for checking this comic out. Well done Devil's Due.


DragonlanceSpringDawning1Dragonlance Chronicles: Dragons of Spring Dawning #1

Whereas the previous Dragonlance issue made me tear up in parts and was an excellent condensed story and all that, this issue is much more on the adventure end of things with different art and a new approach to things. Instead of four 48-page issues, we are treated to 12 standard-size comics... which is actually more bang, albeit it for more bucks (don't make me do math... I hate math). The kick-off of the illustrated adaptation of the final book in the original Dragonlance Chronicles is quite good, yeah. It's nothing to jump up and down about, though. The intro giving the background on Berem is great and I love the inside-of-the-cover recap page. This is a solid issue with solid storry-telling. The art isn't as "epic" as the last installment, but it does have a fine "pulpy" feel to it. Devil's Due really has pulled out all the stops as far as quality goes with these comics, as they are thick-paged and terrifically laid out. My only complaint in that department is that I liked the "black pages" (on which the panles lay, if you will) much, much better. Can't go wrong with this series yet, kids.


newwarriors1New Warriors #1

The New Warriors are back, and I couldn't be happier! I've seen other reviewers slag this issue, and I have no idea what the hell they are talking about. Kevin Grevioux is stunning in this impressive debut ( you may know him as a writer on the Underworld movies; also the large African-American actor who played that way-deep voiced werewolf... And he's a microbiologist to boot) and he proves straight away that he's good at exposition. There's enough of it for those of us who had completely forgotten about the New Warriors (and were only briefly reminded at the start of Civil War) to get our bearings and more than enough for those of us that are die-hard New Warriors fanbots. To me, this joins the ranks of other outstanding new Marvel titles that seem to be popping up; like Loners, Irredeemable Ant-Man, and Omega Flight just for starters. I'm hoping that this series can remain as strong as it begins, you know? And the end... ZOMG! I got my wish! Read some All The Rages back and you'll see what I mean. Or, better yet, just pick this damned issue up and experience it for yourself. I'd like to additionally point out that the art is just right, properly laying out the story and not getting in the way... As a matter of fact, it complements the story so nicely it hurts. Now, this issue is far from perfect in a few ways. Some of the characters may seem a mystery to those just jumping on board, and art-mad sorts might feel it's a bit wordy or something. However, I feel if you are a fan of a excellent storytelling and fun comics with sweet cliffhangers then you oughta pick this bad-boy up.


deathandthemanwhowouldnotdie1Death and the Man Who Would Not Die #1

Lovers of supernatural westerns are going to really enjoy this comic. Seriously. The follow-up to Silent Devil's Death Comes to Dillinger, Death and the Man Who Would Not Die picks up where the last blazingly good series left-off. Now Death is after a man who's figured out how to cheat him out of what becomes everyone's inevitable fate (hence the title). For those of you who haven't read Death Come s to Dillinger, have no fear. You can pick this up and start reading it with little to no knowledge of the previous series. The characters and story-telling angle are something to behold, really, and I wish there were more comics like this. I can see fans of Jonah Hex and the RPG Deadlands getting into this; and the illustrative work reminds me of something that Ben Templesmith might do after watching High Plains Drifter 12 times whilst partaking in illicit substances. Comparisions to other folks' work and other folks aside, this is somehting that should please most readers out there looking for something different yet still pleasing. Some of you might want to wait for the trade since waiting for the second issue is already chapping my hide... And this just came out.


Alright, kiddies, that's it for this time around. Expect another edition soon... because I have so damn much to read! Aiiiieee! And what should you expect? I can promise samurai and giant robots at the very least.

I know, I'm such a nice guy, aren't I?

One thing I don't know will be nice is that new Punisher & Witchblade issue... Huhm. Pray for me, why don't you?

See y'all soon.

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