The Zed Word and its ilk are all the rage these days, especially in comic bookdom. It appears that Marvel wants to get some of that Zombie Spotlight that the indies have been hogging up for a bit.

Now, Marvel did have Marvel Zombies, one of the best and most original zombie offerings ever in the industry. And it's no surprise that the other masterpiece in Z-Lit, The Walking Dead, is written by Robert Kirkman- the same guy who did Marvel Zombies!

So, what should you dear readers expect with Zombie? Well, standard run-of-the-undead mill, really. Not that this turns out to be a bad thing. Let me explain...

The set up is a little different than usual, as our protagonist (Simon, a likeable chap) is taken hostage by angry, violent bank robbers. During the getaway they run into a Zombie Incident (which is probably ground zero for the Zombie Apocalypse). Our hero discovers that there are scarier things than gun-toting armed thieves with bad attitudes. There's a ton of gore and lots of zombie action to go around. Nothing at all very new, though.

Did I like it? Yes, I did. Could it be better? Yes, it could. The writing is alright, however, with good narration and dialogue done by Mike Raicht. The art is nicely executed by Kyle Hotz and Dan Brown. Overall, a solid issue.

I just wish more could be done with the Zombie Story Template.

Oh, well. It's still worth reading. Just don't expect any miracles, and you'll be just fine. Most certainly worth checking out if you are a fellow brain-eater (zombie fan).

I'll read the rest of the series and will give my full report and final splattery verdict then.

(I'd like to update this entry... You know, after reading the comic a couple more times for another review, I have to say that it -is- pretty awesome. I'm really looking forward to the second issue now)

Be seeing you,