You ever wonder what would happen if superheroes were held accountable for their actions...? What with all the damage they cause, someone is bound to be hurt or killed. And what about those victims? Their friends? Their families?

I'm not talking about Marvel's Civil War here, folks.

What I'm nattering on aboot is The Boys, a brilliant new creation by Garth Ennis (Preacher, the man who saved the Punisher, the guy who did the best Hellblazer stories, Judge Dredd... yes, the "Emerald Isle" story with the Guiness drinking judges is his) and Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, Fury MAX) The art is amazing and totally cinematic. And the writing... well, it's Garth Ennis, easily one of the greatest living comic writers. (click on The Boys link for more info... DO IT)

Click on the picture for a direct link to Wildstorm, home of The Boys.

That's right. CIA paid sorts that track down superheroes (of which there are many) who need a bit of the laldy. I've been reading The Boys for the first (back-to-back released) issues , but I keep forgetting to mention it. It's one hell of a ride, though, and I cannot attach the word 'brilliant' to it enough. You have to read it... Mind ye, though, it's not for the kiddies. And yes, a character is designed to look like Simon Pegg. (that's =PURE= awesome, if you ask me)

Damn you Ennis & Robertson! More money I have to spend on your goodness.

Best line so far: "Glock's a wanker's gun, son."

Tune in next time, Nettians.

Cheers & Hookers,