reno_911_miami.jpgrating-3.5Ah, "Reno 911!" Ever the guilty pleasure, I can't get enough of the surreal near-improvised antics of the incompetent Reno Sherrif's Department officers, created and produced by former members of The State.

So, one might wonder, what really seperates this movie from yet another episode of the TV show? Well, to tell you the truth, not a whole lot. It's much more vulgar and features all the nudity and foul language you'd expect but don't see on the show. And there's the real bonus, I guess.

The plot is a bit more well-formed as well: on vacation in Miami for a police convention, the Reno Sherrifs find themselves locked out because of bad reservations and are the only police to not get infected by a mysterious chemical agent. Therefore, Lt. Dangle and his crew are left to cover a variety of Miami crime, all on their own, the last line of defense for the city.

It gives a good excuse for the "Reno 911!" crew to bring in regulars like Toby Huss, Nick Swardson, and Patton Oswalt, producer Danny DeVito, improv regulars like David Koechner and Paul Rudd, and even an oddball cameo by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. They do their normal thing and have an array of bizarre calls and vignettes, all revolving around the main plot of trying to hold together the city while the Feds attempt to find a cure for the poisoned and quarantined convention-goers and the culprit behind the attack.

If you've seen the show, you know what to expect from the film and the actors, as usual, deliver their silly brand of comedic hijinks. There are a few extras in the mix due to the large amount of time to work with, but the whole project shows a fun-loving spirit and a deep care about their pet project, transitioned from Comedy Central onto the big screen.

Sure, it's not much bigger in scope or scale than an assemblage of several "Reno 911!" episodes, but the movie has some good gimmicks, some great cameos and appearances, and makes for a good DVD (or eventual TV) viewing.

It's fun for those who are already fans or just want a dose of silly and surreal humor. Try it. You might find you like it.

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